MKB Notes – Common Stabilizer/modifier Modifications

there are modifications that you can do to your mechanical keyboards to make them even better, adjusted based on personal preferences.

this is a small collection of tips and modifications that can be done on the stabilizers for larger keys, such as space bar and modifier keys. note that most mods contribute only part of improvements. it’s the combination of these mods that give you a much better, significant user experience.

in general there are two common types of stabilizers: Costar and Cherry. this note is more about cherry stabilizers.

    1. Use genuine parts. inconsistency is very common in clone stabilizers. additional mods must be applied to make these clones behave closer to the genuine parts, but sometimes they’re just beyond rescue;
    2. Lubing stabilizers – always do this; the idea is to lube all contact points that cause frictions. always use thick grease;
    3. Sound-dampening mod – this helps to reduce certain amount of noise when typing; it’s just placing a layer of sound-dampening material between the PCB and bottom case.
    4. Clipping mod – this simply means to cut off two of the feet of cherry stabilizer inserts, thus making the stabilizers to be less mushy.
    5. Band-aid mod –  this serves two purposes: to reduce noise when inserts hit the PCB during typing, at the same time reinforce the stabilizers to be more sturdy, hence minimize bad effects like rattling space bar and modifiers. basically this means a small piece of band-aid tape, similar or slightly larger sizes than the stabilizer housing, are placed between the stabilizers and the PCB. in addition to the base of stabilizer housings, you can also put band-aid under the wires to provide additional cushions to them.
    6. sponge mod – this is meant for reducing rattling effects caused by interactions between stabilizer wires and and inserts; this just means to put a tiny piece of sponge between the wires and inserts.

also, you can be innovative by testing your own mods. for instance, for sponge mod, instead of putting sponge into the space between wire tips and inserts (which need reapplication because the sponge might frequently move out from its designated locations), i used electrical tape to wrap the wire tips instead.


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