The Right GPU for Water Cooling AIO

here are some notes about how to choose the right GPU and have it cooled with a water cooling AIO.

instead of building custom loops, i tried to build a desktop computer with its CPU and GPU cooled by water cooling AIOs. this is a little experiment that i try to do to find better answers. for GPU cooling, i chose to use NZXT Kraken G10 and Corsair H110. i’m satisfied with the outcomes. the GPU core is at 41c maximum under loads. however, there is one thing that i am still not very comfortable with: the cooling of other key components, like VRMs. my current GPU is a MSI 980Ti Reference, and it doesn’t have anything like that.

so to have a hassle-free installation, it’s better to choose a GPU with internal, secondary heat sinks that make contacts to key electronic parts on the PCB. one example is MSI 980Ti Gaming 6G.(there are plenty of them to choose from). this way, you can have a much better heat dissipation for these components (eg. VRM), besides the GPU die itself.




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