Linux Mint – How to enable a Multi-GPU Card

during the last weekends, i played with Linux Mint 17.1 live version. this is the one distro that actually detects the resolution of my monitor properly.

by default, Linux Mint runs in a single GPU mode. since i have a Nvidia GTX 690 (a Multi-GPU card), i wanted to know if it’s possible to set it up properly. it turned out to be fairly easy to do so.

i have installed the latest drivers from nvidia available from the driver manager in the OS. all i need to do is to use nvidia-xconfig to enable it.

sudo nvidia-xconfig –multigpu=on

that’s it.  i have also read that if i have two Nvidia GTX 690, then the command would be:

sudo nvidia-xconfig –multigpu=on –sli=on

that’s it.


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