SSD – Samsung 840 EVO issue

840 EVO

recently there was an interesting discussion about this SSD at, and other sites. in short due to a very weird bug, older files, usually a few months old, stored in 840 EVO will get very low read speed. fresh files are not affected.

however if you did a search about Samsung 840 EVO getting much slower over time, actually similar incidents have been reported on and off, but capturing much lesser attentions.

one of my laptops, a Dell XPS 9530, has 2x 500GB 840 EVO. i just checked them out and it turned out to be true. the laptop acted very sloppy these days. an app that could be loaded in a second previously needs more than 10 seconds to do the same now.

the (only?) quick fix to this, believe it or not, is to run a disk defragmentation on the ssd.

UPDATE:  a new performance restoration tool for 840 EVO was released on 15 October 2014. you only need to run it once. it install a new firmware, reboot, and then recondition your drives.

hopefully this will fix the issue for good.


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