other than Softperfect RAMDisk, PrimoCache from Romex Software, formerly known as fancy-cache, and currently in its beta release stage, is another nice piece of app that is useful to help boost the performance of a computer.

IMO a better setup of a typical personal computer, particularly laptops, consists of at least the following. this way we can take advantage of existing hardware resources, if such resources exist, to make the system more responsive, and help improve the shelf lives of certain hardware (like SSD):

  1. OS drive – a small-sized (at least 240/256GB) mSATA / SATA / PCIe / NVMe SSD;
  2. Applications / games drive – a medium- or large-sized mSATA / SATA / PCIe / NVMe SSD to store the applications and games:
  3. Data drive(s) – a normal hard disk as standard storage;
  4. RAM disk – a small-sized RAM-based disk to store user-level temporary folders and files, browser caches, etc. that can be destroyed safely during shutdown/reboot (at least 1GB; the allocation is depending on available system RAM).

particularly for the Data drive(s) in the computer system, enhancements can further be made with RAM-based disk caching technologies, such as PrimoCache. there are various options that you can choose from to meet your requirements. to me, I just need to boost only the disk reads (the defaults). the results are quite impressive.


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